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Default This is what happened to sandman decals! is the story.

Back in June AT&T, my internet service provider (for a blankety blank load of money every month), decided I needed a new router.

I wasn't home so my wife let the AT&T guy in.

At the time my router was next to my computer connected with an ethernet cable.

I have streaming TV stuff (Apple TV) and my wife has an I pad so the AT&T guy moved the router to the living room and ran a new DSL wire.

That meant my computer needed wi-fi. My computer doesn't have wi-fi.

I had to find a wi-fi receiver thingy. I found one in an Office Depot in Detroit!!! that got it...

not so came up saying a strong wi-fi signal a bazillion BPS's but "will not connect to the internet".

Finally, today after a few months, my computer works.

Oh, BTW. AT&T charged me $99.00 to finally come out and get it working.

Did I forget to mention AT&T is my one and only internet option. I hate AT&T!

Anyway, I am back. I will start adding more kits to my web ste tomorrow.
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